Evangelism and Politics

The perspective in this article is perfect for today’s political climate. I cringe when I see some of the political rants Christians post on
Facebook. Let’s remember to be a light, reflecting the love that Jesus has for us.



Christians make a greater impact on culture and society when they are far more concerned about advancing God’s kingdom than advancing a moral agenda.

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1 thought on “Evangelism and Politics

  1. Agreed! Thanks, Peggy.

    I woke up to 16o this morning!! Ugh! We have had our taste of lovely spring weather and the rug gets pulled out! It is coming, though, I know it!

    Jim and I are looking forward to spending spring break in Germany, near Frankfurt! It is our 25th anniversary (April 11) and we will see some Luther sights, some castles, and probably do a Rhine River tour. It will be fun just to tour small towns and eat at bakereis and gasthauses.

    Kiss a mountain for me :),



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